radiant heart at home

an online yoga studio & community for women opening soon.

Radiant Heart at Home is launching in early 2017 with these programs:

pregnant-woman_318-44441Prenatal Yoga

The heart of our studio has always been prenatal yoga. The highly successful prenatal yoga program included yoga practices, childbirth education, discussion, support, and community. This program and all components will continue online.

baby-and-mom_318-52717Postnatal Yoga

Your yoga practice can continue after the birth of your baby. Online classes will be specifically tailored for your postpartum body and address your unique needs. Classes offered will be mama only and mom and baby. Just like our in person classes, non-judgemental support and community for new moms will be an important part of our online studio.

womenheartYoga for Women

Once your child(ren) are older, you are still welcome to continue practicing with Radiant Heart Yoga. Yoga for Women classes will be available and tailored specifically for the busy mama ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE! We will even have practices that invite your kids to join you!

What is Radiant Heart Yoga?

Radiant Heart Yoga has been open since 2010 as a studio dedicated to pregnant women, women, and children. RHY was a successful brick and mortar studio in operation for 6 years in the suburbs of Chicago, IL.

In the summer of 2016, Nichole Churchill, the owner of RHY, relocated to California. Despite the move, Nichole wanted to continue her work with women and children.

Radiant Heart Yoga is now launching as a fully online studio, Radiant Heart at Home, with the same focus. Women will be able to access many of the classes that were available at RHY, but now on their schedules and from the comfort of their homes- no matter where they are!

You are welcome to join us on our new virtual journey- Radiant Heart at Home.

What women say about Radiant Heart Yoga

“The yoga made my body feel good during pregnancy, and I really liked the discussions at the beginning of class. Nichole has so much knowledge so there were many things that I learned – but I would say the best was the skill set and confidence to make it through labor naturally. That was really important to me because I was trying to have a VBAC this time around and knew there could be a lot of hurdles to doing that. “

Nicole L

I’ve appreciated a space each week to come to that allows me to quiet my mind and connect with my baby. To be able to shut the world out for a few minutes and re-center on what’s important to me is so valuable. And physically, I’ve appreciated the variety with which Nichole approaches each class. I feel like I learn something new about my body each time that can be transferrable to my home and the hospital. I’ve had a wonderful experience that’s been worth every penny. Make time for yourself and your baby!


At Yoga for Women, I was able to get moving again after a C-section and feel like it was OK to take care of myself again after taking care of everyone else. The class is well-rounded, blending stretching/breathing exercises and strengthening exercises so I leave feeling calmer and more energized at the same time. It is the perfect treat for myself at the end of a long week.


“Nichole and the other women in class were instantly welcoming and full of knowledge and experience to share that was more real than any book I picked up. Nichole became the voice in my head throughout my pregnancy. She encouraged me to question the norm, be my own advocate and most of all go easy on myself.”


Mom of 1