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Oct 20, 2014

This Week: October 20 - October 26th

The Fall II session began on Sunday Oct 19th. Registration for classes for this session is open until November 1st.  Classes that run in sessions are: Baby, Tot, Tyke classes as well as our Yoga for Fertility class on Monday night.

Session Dates:
Fall II: Oct 19 - Nov 22
Thanksgiving Break: Nov 23- Nov 29
Winter I: Nov 30 - Dec 20.
Holiday Break: Dec 21- Jan 3

* Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for Women classes do NOT run in sessions and are open for registration at anytime. Please click here to learn how to register for Prenatal Yoga or Yoga for Women*

Upcoming Events:
Infant Massage- Tu 10/21, 10:30am
Mother Daughter Yoga Date Night: Fri 10/24, 6:30pm

Oct 6, 2014

This Week: October 6 - October 13

We are moving into the last week of classes which ends on Friday October 10. The new Fall II session of
classes for Itsy Bitsy, Tyke, and Fertility Yoga begins on Sunday Oct 19th. Registration for Fall II classes online is open.

Prenatal and Yoga for Women classes run continuously and not by session, those classes are open for registration at anytime.

Please note the following schedule changes and events this week:

  • 10/6- Breastfeeding USA Meeting- Nursing Past Infancy. This meeting is a support group for women nursing "older" babies (6 months +) and toddlers. FREE. 10am-12pm. Health children and babies are welcome.
  • 10/8- Regular Wednesday night classes are cancelled (prenatal and yoga for women). We'll be hosting Babywearing Yoga , 6-7pm. Donations to Babywearing International are request at the door and registration is required to hold your space.
  • 10/11- 10/12- No classes. Studio closed.
  • Massage is open and available for booking during this time
  • 10/13- Breastfeeding USA Meeting for "younger" babies, FREE. 10-12pm. Healthy children and babies welcome.

Sep 30, 2014

This Week: Sept 29 - Oct 7

Our session-based classes (Baby, Tot, Tyke classes and Yoga for Fertility classes) are wrapping up the Fall I session this week. Registration is open for our next 5 week session of classes beginning Sunday Oct 19. You can register for classes here: http://www.radiantheartyoga.com/p/online-registration.html

Please note that Prenatal and Yoga for Women classes do NOT run on sessions and are open for booking at anytime.

Please note the following:

  • No Yoga for Women or  Prenatal class Thursday Oct 2.
  • The studio will be closed Sat Oct 11- Mon Oct 13 for all classes.
    Our MASSAGE room is open as well as the Breastfeeding USA Meeting scheduled for 10/13 will run.
  • Join us for Babywearing Yoga on Wed Oct 8 at 6pm. Donations to Babywearing International will be accepted in person. Please register, there is a lot of interest in this workshop!