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Important news about the RHY Transition

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Radiant Heart at Home

a virtual studio with online yoga classes (and more!) launching in 2016.

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“I would tell others that it’s not just a yoga studio. It’s a place to feel welcome and comfortable and supported through life’s challenges as well as coming together and into yourself. To be able to meditate and relax through yoga. To feel better. To feel life. I wish I would have found it sooner.”

Kasia D

Welcome to Radiant Heart Yoga

What if you found a place that honors women, mothers, and children? One that cares for their mind, body, and spirit? A place that mothers the mother. At Radiant Heart Yoga, we believe that women should be empowered, supported, and nurtured before, during, and after their childbearing years. You’re in the right place if you are navigating the (often crooked) path of motherhood. We are a haven to find peace, centeredness, and community as you prepare to conceive,  grow your baby, adjust to life with a new baby, connect with your energetic toddler, or re-connect with yourself. Radiant Heart Yoga was started to bring women together to learn, connect, support and empower each other. We love working with women, mothers, and children. Whether you are preparing to conceive and ready to welcome a new baby into your home (Fertility Yoga), are pregnant (Prenatal Yoga), are postpartum and reaquainting with yourself (Postpartum Core Rehab and Postnatal Yoga with Baby),  looking to connect with your little ones (Baby, Tot, Tyke, & Family Yoga), are a woman looking for some “me time” – and yes you are welcome even if you haven’t had children or it’s been a long time (Yoga for Women).  We are here for you. We center, connect, and care for women and their families.

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New Session starts Sunday May 1, 2016- register for classes here