RHY is now in California, but I haven’t forgotten about you, Mama!

RHY’s studio location in West Dundee, IL is closed, but it doesn’t mean it’s gone! Launching soon, RHY will be offering classes online with the same focus on women and children. It won’t be regular ol‘ online classes that’s like popping in a DVD, expect it to be interactive, connected and fun. We will continue our community virtually and you can always make requests!

Busy women and mamas welcome.

Mamas, I’ve heard you over the years (and lived it myself, too):

  • You are running on empty each day, figuring out work, kids, life responsibilities, and – oh yeah – another baby on the way. You feel like you need ten extra hours in the day to get it all done!
  • Remember those days during your first pregnancy when you could make it to the studio for prenatal yoga four times a week?! Now it’s dinner, bath, toddler’s bedtime, and by 7:30 you are so damn tired, forget it. You’re eating chocolate and watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
  • You know you need to take time for yourself, but when?? How in the world are you supposed to find time to get to the yoga studio? AND you may have to find a sitter (oh wait, you don’t have one yet) – AND they cost $$…
  • Now that the baby is here (and maybe you have one or two other kids too), the only time you have for self-care is during naps, at 5 am, or 10 pm – and the studio is closed and I’m in bed.
  • You’re a workin’ woman – and now you are working even more – and you are traveling three or four days a week. Self-care? When??!!

Imagine what it would be like to fit in a yoga practice ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

During nap times, at 10 pm, in a hotel room after your day of meetings, when Dad/partner is home to bathe the baby – so you can have 20 minutes of 100% guilt-free me time.

I’ve talked with so many of you that want to come back to the studio for class, but it feels like one more thing on your to-do list – and the juggling of schedules, kids, and responsibilities is just TOO MUCH. You’re burnt toast, Mama. Back to chocolate and Housewives it is.

TRUTH: We DO make better moms, partners, friends, and employees when we take self-care seriously and make it a priority. And – oh yeah – did you notice that you yell less and have a longer fuse, especially for toddler shenanigans, after you make some time to re-center and re-charge?

That’s why I’ve created the new Radiant Heart at Home.

I’m bringing the studio to you, Mama.

This is a 100% online virtual studio designed to give busy mamas – like you – everything you need to get back to your yoga practice and make self-care a priority ON YOUR SCHEDULE, ON YOUR TERMS. You can access it on your computer, your tablet, or your mucked-up sticky phone that the toddler sneezed pretzels on.

The virtual studio will have yoga classes, meditations, audio sessions, downloadable documents on different topics, continuously fresh content, and LIVE events (eek!).  These will be yoga practices specifically designed for YOU, with a range of topics and options (i.e. I only have 10 minutes and my upper body is ACHING). And – oh yeah – I’ll be taking requests for classes too!

Radiant Heart at Home is launching soon with an initial focus on PRENATAL and YOGA FOR WOMEN (including postnatal-appropriate practices!). But there is much more to come in the future!


If you want to join me on the interwebs – and get totally PORTABLE, SELF-PACED, ANYTIME, AFFORDABLE, UNDERSTANDS YOUR NEEDS yoga classes join our mailing list to be notified when the virtual studio opens!